Our Economy


A Strong Lynchburg Economy

A bright economic future for our community depends on our making smart, strategic decisions about how, where, and when we grow. It's about supporting our businesses, large and small, and attracting new ones, through neighborhood revitalization, innovative public-private partnerships, and workforce development. Most of all, it's about fostering a dynamic local economy that supports good, high paying jobs. As your representative on Council, I will fight every day to expand economic opportunity here in Lynchburg.                   



Our Future

A first-rate education for every child

Our kids are our future. As a proud graduate of the Lynchburg City Schools, I believe that every child deserves a quality, robust public school education, one that is equal across neighborhoods and schools. Lynchburg will succeed in the years to come because of our kids — but to get there, we need to be making thoughtful, innovative investments in our schools now. On Council, I will work closely with the superintendent and our school board to strengthen our schools and build our future.

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Strengthening Our Community

A high quality of life, for everyone

Lynchburg has an extraordinarily high quality of life. We have wonderful schools, churches, nonprofits, hospitals and cultural institutions, and legions of dedicated public servants, business leaders, and community volunteers who, every day, devote their time, talent, and energy to making Lynchburg an even better place to live. 

But we still have more to do. Our biggest challenge is that, right now, 24% of our neighbors live in poverty. A strong, healthy Lynchburg in the future requires that we continue the fight against poverty now. To that end, I am committed to working with leaders and activists across the community to develop and implement solutions. Poverty is a multi-generational, complex challenge, one that will take years, perhaps even decades, to resolve. But I believe that, together, if we stay committed and focused, we can fight it and win.